The Fashion Futurist is a boutique sales, mentoring and consulting studio for brands and businesses in the fashion and lifestyle space, directed by Amy Farrell. Our studio represents a considered collection of independent Australian fashion and lifestyle brands. Showcasing collections focused on refinement, presenting garments and adornments that weave into everyday life and represent longevity for retailers and consumers alike. Retail partners are provided with a curated offering of products that stand the test of time and fit seamlessly into the retail environments they have created.

Throughout my nineteen year career in the industry I have worked with pivotal Australian fashion labels specialising in apparel and accessories such as Samantha Wills, Metalicus, Seduce, Yarra Trail, Marco Polo and Ping Pong. I have worked within leading wholesale fashion agencies and established long-standing relationships with buyers at major department stores and hundreds of independent retailers throughout Australia and beyond.

Since launching the business in 2014 I have been blessed to have worked with many talented fashion and lifestyle designers and entrepreneurs in either a mentoring or consultancy capacity helping them to realise their business goals and bring their dreams to life. This work has enabled me to explore my own passion for sharing my knowledge and experiences from my time in the fashion industry to better the business lives of others and support, grow and ensure an exciting future for the industry here in Australia.

I’m always looking for ways to deliver extra value to my clients and I’m thrilled to announce the addition of sales representation to my portfolio of services as of August 2017. 

So if you’re stuck when it comes to selling, let me help you kickstart your wholesale stockist list, manage the partnerships with retailers for you, present your beautiful collections each season, and turn your dream wholesale business into reality. 

Our aim is to give you the opportunity to do wholesale differently and benefit from sales expertise and business support in the one environment.

I would love to hear from you, drop me a line over here anytime