My fave 4 apps to enhance your brand presence on Instagram

Recently I have been focusing a lot of energy towards becoming the most savvy and organised social media manager that I can possibly be. Last week was all about Instagram and how I can build my business and that of my clients through this social sharing platform. I have spent a truck load of time on blogs on social media marketing and assessing what tools and strategies I can put into place to increase my Instagram community. I now feel after completing my research it is my duty to share my findings with you. Below I have featured my favourite four apps that I discovered from last weeks research that may also help you to effectively enhance your brand presence on Instagram AND save you a bit of time sifting through the app store!  

Image via  @wordswag

Image via @wordswag

1 - WORD SWAG - Hands down my fave app of the week and it certainly does have a lot of "swagger", I even love their little intro tune each time you open the app. Now down to the details, WORDSWAG allows you to add awesome custom text to your images or if you have a great quote in mind that you want to share WORDSWAG has some pretty cool ready made backdrops you can use to smarten up that quote, nice. 

Image via  A Beautiful Mess

2 - ABM - Created by those talented ladies at A Beautiful Mess. This app allows you to add super pretty borders and pre-drawn doodles to your images amongst other fabulous things. Caution: this app is a real time suck but a great inspirational tool to get those creative juices flowing.

Squaready example L: Before R: After- ratio in tact with a lovely white border (artist unknown)

Squaready example L: Before R: After- ratio in tact with a lovely white border (artist unknown)

3 - SQUAREADY - Described as the “must have app for Instagram users” and I couldn't agree more. Do you have beautiful images of your own shot on your non-iphone camera that just aren't square? Of course you do so make sure you put them through SQUAREADY first before posting them to instagram so that your original image ratios stay in tact!

Susannah and Alex by  Milton Gan

Susannah and Alex by Milton Gan

4 - GIFSHARE - Thank heavens for this app! Need to convert your GIF files to video so you can load them on Instagram? then look no further than GIFSHARE and you even have the option to add a snazzy filter whilst you are at it. wow.

Happy app shopping folks and feel free to share your favourite's below in the comments.