Double vision

Amy double exposure.jpg

The other weekend I was in the town of big trees, big fields and windy roads, otherwise known as the Kangaroo Valley, doing some location scouting for a photo shoot. While we were there we took some time to experiment with a simple yet creative photography technique called double exposure.

Whilst looking at all of the pictures we produced by simply using our camera in a different way and experimenting with its many capabilities, it made me realise that we should always be looking at things around us differently. Have a think about an aspect of your business you may take for granted, such as the way you present your collection to a prospective client. By looking at it with a different view you may just expose something super cool!

We learnt the double exposure technique from the very talented Sara K Byrne.You too can create your own double vision magic by following Sara’s easy tutorial over here and I have popped some of her inspirational images below.

I love this image above of me with leaves on my head, but I think my next attempt will incorporate pineapples, what do you think you would overlay your face with?

sara k byrne 1.jpg
sara k byrne image 2.jpg
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