Adventures & Engagements

Photo by  Ms Amy Farrell

I am sure if you have been following my adventures for the last two months over on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM you may well have noticed that 1. I went on a rather splendid six-week European adventure and 2. I got engaged!

Yes I am a newly engaged #ladyboss and I am so excited to start this new journey as a #ladyboss with my fiancé Milton by my side. Here he is down on one knee proposing under the light of a street lamp just below the beautiful Sacre Coeur in Montmartre, Paris. This image, along with many more were captured by the very talented Mr. Dan O’Day, quite possibly the world’s best wedding photographer and all round nice guy who we now consider one of our good mates.

Photo by  Mr Dan O'Day

Photo by Mr Dan O'Day

More on my obsession with the “ladyboss” hashtag later but for now I really wanted to share with you two things that I have taken away from our adventure through Europe;

  •  A new sense of community; we visited 8 different cities in five different countries in Europe and I am so inspired by the different bonds that I witnessed within communities across the continent. In Siena, Italy they have traditions that have helped shaped their community that date back over many centuries. But if you take Berlin for instance, such an exciting rejuvenated city where much of what makes their community unique is creativity through feeling free.
Reading books is really important, photo by  Mr Milton Gan

Reading books is really important, photo by Mr Milton Gan

  • Reading books is really important; Gone are the days where we have the luxury of down time whilst travelling on a train to school or college to relax and enjoy a great book. For me finding the time to read in my daily life has been a struggle since I left college all those years ago and reading time is now only reserved for times like that half an hour or so at night before I drift off to sleep or when I do take that long overdue holiday and just sit in the sunshine and do a bit of nothing. During our time in Europe I actually managed to finish a whole a book and took the time to really read magazines from cover to cover. I learnt so much about people, history and most importantly rediscovered words, which will help to expand my blogging vocabulary, yay!
A Tuscan stroll, photo by  Mr Milton Gan

A Tuscan stroll, photo by Mr Milton Gan

Adventures and engagements (and not just those that come with sparkly rings) can certainly help you to look at everyday life with new eyes. Think of the last time you took a weekend away, short break or trip of a lifetime and what you have taken away from this experience.

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