The Things I learnt in 2014

Image by  Mr Dan O'day

Image by Mr Dan O'day

Okay so I know 2014 is well and truly behind us now (that's me watching 2014 just fly right by me on the streets of Paris) but after such a huge year and an even larger one on the cards for 2015 I felt it was time to reflect on the things I learnt last year.

2014 was the year i learnt...

You can actually work for yourself. I established my own fashion consultancy business in July of 2014 after 15 years of working for other people (great people might I add) and I have never felt more liberated, driven and excited! Society is embracing the self starter and never before have I seen or written the word "entrepreneur" so much in my life. Take the plunge, trust me you will never look back. 

The value in being photographed. Let's face it, no one and I mean no one, (okay maybe only models) like having their photo taken. My feelings towards being photographed all changed in 2014 after receiving the most beautiful set of images taken of us in Paris by our friend, Dan O'Day. I will never be able to put a value on the feelings that were provoked when we saw these images for the first time and really every time that I have gone through them. As a wedding photographer myself this was an amazing experience and offered a glimpse into how our couples feel when they receive their images.

Social Media for business is a full time job. I started to try on many different hats throughout 2014, one of which was Social Media Manager at Milton Gan Photography, my fiancé's business. And well, let me tell you it has been almost a full time job for me since September. I do love it and I am learning a whole lot of new stuff everyday about the social media platforms and how to utilise them as marketing tools within business. So, so, so important!

A wardrobe of neutrals makes for a simpler life. I have always loved a minimalist palette when it comes to interiors and have always been partial to a great white or marled grey tee. 2014 saw me take this palette one step further, I simplified my wardrobe down to a carefully curated collections of basics in black, white, navy, grey and denim.  Here are a few of my favourite staples from some great Australian designers,

The Barton Tank, by Jac + Jack

The Brooklyn Tee, by Jac + Jack

The Arthur Shirt by Jac + Jack 

The Longer Line Tank Dress, by Bassike

The Detailed T.Back Tank by Bassike

Wow thanks for an amazing year 2014! 2015 is already shaping up to be a big year filled with loads of exciting challenges and new beginnings, so who knows what I am set to learn - stay tuned...