The next big thing for fashion business

Image via  Mysource

Image via Mysource

If you own or operate a fashion business anywhere in the world and haven't heard about Mysource yet, then you need to get with the program literally. Maybe you have just been too busy doing business the regular way, operating the only way you know how and possibly never stopped to think about the impact of the way you do business on the environment or the people around you.

Mysource will help you to think a little harder about the way you do business, allow you to network more AND with right people, ultimately arming you with the information and connections to become more mindful about what you do and generate growth for your business in the years ahead.

Mysource is an online B2B platform that matches fashion professionals with the connections and resources they need to grow successful and sustainable businesses. Created by the clever folk at the Ethical Fashion Forum who with 10 years of work in the fashion industry behind them will officially launch the Mysource platform in 2016.

An incredibly invaluable tool, Mysource is set to transform the way fashion business is done today and into the future.

If you are like me and are already waiting with baited breath for the next big thing in our industry to launch then you can find out more over at the Mysource website or take a minute to watch the below introduction video by Mysource Founder, Tamsin Lejeune.