Meet Miss Nikki Williams

Meet Nikki, a gorgeous lady I met many moons ago when we both worked for the very talented Miss Samantha Wills. Fast forward a number of years down the track and after launching her own successful marketing company and having two (almost three) little people, Nikki decided she didn't have enough to keep her busy so she explored a dream she had always had to design a line of luxury handbags.

That is when the brand Nikki Williams was born and this is when a lovely little email popped up in my inbox. Luckily for me Nikki had been keeping an eye on what I had been up to since we last worked together and she loved the evolution of my photography style over on my Instagram feed. 

This is how Nikki and I came to work together again but this time with an aim to a create a collection of beautiful profile images that Nikki could use to launch her brand, through both her website and various social media platforms.

I spent an afternoon with Nikki and her two gorgeous assistants Harriet and Marnie at her home studio in the harbourside suburb of Vaucluse earlier this year. I have shared a few favourites from the day with you but if you want to see more you will have to keep an eye on or follow Nikki on Instagram @nikki_williams_co. I have already put my name down on the waiting list for that awesome turquoise clutch with plaited detail!

I am so grateful that Nikki got in touch after seeing my work and it has prompted me to offer profile photography as part of my consultancy services here at Ms Amy Farrell. If you have started something new and need to put a face and feel to your vision or journey then get in touch, I would love to hear your story and chat about how we can work together.