10 takeaways from an expert fashion panel

Image, William Iven

Image, William Iven

Earlier last week I attend the very first in a series of free Australian Fashion Chamber seminars hosted by the wonderful folk at The Whitehouse Institute Of Design

I was thrilled to see MODE SPORTIF Director Deborah Symond and PR and Communications Director, Maree Andrews were going to be on the panel discussing digital media and successful business strategies. I have been following (and trying to keep up with) the success of the new luxury sportswear online retailer since they launched their business in September 2014. I had been curious to find out more about how they shot to online business stardom in such a short period of time. 

In addition to Deborah and Maree, Marc Freeman director at Iconic Australian fashion label Camilla and Marc joined the panel to provide insight on these topics from a perspective of a fashion business that has continued to succeed in the market since their label launched in 2003. 

The knowledgeable and totally charismatic fashion journalist and ethical consultant, Marion Hume chaired the discussion. And to be honest I could have listened to Marion share stories of successful fashion brands that she has come across in her career for hours on end. Marion did touch on the importance and really the rise of awareness for ethical and sustainable fashion. I want to focus this subject myself and will look to introduce you to some fashion brands that I have discovered with an ethically holistic approach to business on the blog over the coming weeks. 

The panel, Image courtesy of the Whitehouse Institute Of Design

The panel, Image courtesy of the Whitehouse Institute Of Design

After an informative discussion by the expert panel I wanted to share with everyone what I felt the 10 key takeaways were. I am certainly going to keep these points in mind when working with my own clients and on my own business.

  1. Believe in what you do.
  2. Share information, network, use mentors, engage in support and surround yourself with experts.
  3. Be involved in your supply chain and this can apply to any business, do you know everyone involved in supplying your end product or service.
  4. Build a community around your brand.
  5. Create a constant conversation with your audience.
  6. Invest in PR.
  7. Blog and create unique content, great content does get shared.
  8. Give yourself “brain space” - that is take time away from the business, give your brain some down time in order to promote amazing idea generation when you need it.
  9. Never forget failure is often the root to success.
  10. If you think you should do it, just do it!

I do love that last point, shared by Marion Hume, relating to that gut feeling that you should never ignore in business and in life for that matter. What have you got to lose?