Exciting times ahead for Australian fashion design and innovation

Image courtesy of The Australian 

Image courtesy of The Australian 

Whilst recently travelling throughout Europe on my honeymoon my eyes were open in search of inspiring fashion brands and retail concepts from countries I had always longed to visit.  When it comes to design aesthetics I have always felt a connection with the Scandinavians, and whilst I shopped up a storm in Acne and snapped away at inspiring retail concepts in cities such as Copenhagen, I must say I was proud when I thought back to the amazing innovative talent we have at home in Australia.

My return to Sydney coincided with some exciting news for our industry with the announcement of "Fashion Diplomacy", a joint a initiative between the Australian Fashion Chamber and The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT). By joining forces they aim to enhance the global recognition of the Australian fashion industry, leverage business development, trade and investment opportunities.

This is a great show of support from the government and long overdue acknowledgement that in order for Australian designers and brands to continue to develop and grow we need to be recognised on a global scale.

Do you have overseas markets in you sights? Or have you already managed to gain recognition for your brand on an international scale? Why not share your plans and wins with us in the comments below.