What we can learn from Ken Bone's wife's choice of sweater

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I would assume that if you’re a regular visitor to my blog it's unlikely you're one of the thousands rushing over to to buy yourself an Izod men’s cable sweater, but maybe after this post you’ll have second thoughts. Where am I going with this?! Well following this week’s US presidential debate you will have undoubtedly heard about the Internet’s new sensation and cable sweater advocate Ken Bone. So what can we learn from Ken’s wife’s choice to send him off to the second presidential debate wearing a RED sweater?

All too often you can feel like your business is just thrown in amongst all the other fashion and lifestyle brands out there trying to get ahead.  The next time this happens, step back and think about what you do differently, what does your brand do that no other brand can. How can you stand out in a crowd of beige suits?

Stuck for inspiration, maybe this post will spark some ideas.