What yoga helped me remember about building a business

Image by Ms Amy Farrell - featuring my  Cork Leaf  yoga mat

Image by Ms Amy Farrell - featuring my Cork Leaf yoga mat

Did you know that giant tortoises are famously long-lived? Well either did I until just last week when I was lying in savasana listening to the dulcet tones of my yoga teacher Kristy. In a piece based around the pace of the class, Kristy referenced the longest living animal in nature - the tortoise. It's slow and steady approach to life ensures a win in age race and there is a lot we can learn about building a business from this approach.

It got me thinking about some of the most successful businesses I know. Those who withstand the test of time, evolve and continually reinvent themselves. Almost all were not an “overnight” success nor did they become an instant household name. They all played the slow and steady game. Rich with hard work and consistency eventually winning the race to success, much like the giant tortoise.

So in your rush to make your business a success, take a few deep breaths, slow right down and remember good things take time - slow and steady wins the race.

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