Why Finding The Right Factory Is Like The search For A Life Partner


A lucky few out there find their partner straight out of high school and they are with them for life. But for the majority of us, it is a long hard search for that someone that just slots right in. There are periods of singledom. And times when you find yourself dating a whole load of potential partners only to find out none of them are really that into you or can give you what you need.

Finding the right manufacturer can be much like the search for the right life partner. You might try out a few in the early days of your business. Pay for many sample runs that are just not right. Worst still you might give your manufacturer the go ahead with production only to find out that when your stock arrives 70% of it is faulty. This is the reality of finding the right factory, and whilst a lucky few do secure a fabulous supplier from the beginning, on the whole it does take time to find the right partner to join your supply chain. 

Sourcing is the biggest piece in the supply chain puzzle. And there is so much to learn in this space. From how to approach a potential manufacturer, what terminology they use, what documents they expect. And before all this, how the hell do you find them?

I am off to the International Sourcing Expo in Melbourne next week and am looking forward to networking with potential new apparel, accessory and textile suppliers from across the world. I will highlight the key vendors who are offering the best in apparel and lifestyle textiles over here on my blog in the coming weeks. So stay tuned or sign up below to receive my wrap-up of the expo straight to your inbox. You may just find your supply chain life partner!