What We Can Learn From Mode Sportif's Successful Startup Strategy

Image via  Mode Sportif

Image via Mode Sportif

A couple of years ago I attended a fantastic seminar called "Digital Media Strategies And Successful Business". It was hosted by the Whitehouse Institute Of Design in collaboration with the Australian Fashion Chamber and amongst the panel of key industry speakers was Deborah Symond, director of the highly successful online (and now bricks and mortar) retail space Mode Sportif. Of everything I heard that day, Deborah's insight into the strategy that built her successful business (which had launched less than a year prior to the seminar) was by far the most compelling and is something that has stuck with me ever since.

Deborah explained that she had researched her business idea for around 18 months prior to the launch and started building a following for her concept by blogging in the 7 months leading up to launch. This was a crucial path to take as it was an ideal way for her to share and test ideas with her intended audience. Deborah also researched any new direct competitors entering the luxury activewear space to ensure that come launch day she was offering her audience a clear point of difference.

Whilst there are many other things that also need to be ticked off the long “where do I start?” to-do list, whenever I am asked this question I always refer to this great example of a successful startup strategy, because strategy based upon the importance of researching and validating your idea with your chosen audience is vital to building a strong following prior to launch and heightened demand for your brand.