WTF America?

Women's March, Washington DC - Benedict Evans

Women's March, Washington DC - Benedict Evans


Today was a Monday just like any other Monday, except for that uneasy feeling of something being not quite right. In the aftermath of what has been a, shall we say, "interesting" few days for our American friends, I felt it would be remiss of me as a woman in business not to acknowledge the millions around the world who rallied together and marched for our rights.

Whilst I plan to have a long hard think over the coming days and weeks about how the business of fashion could be affected by the Trump administration, for now all I can do is sit in disbelief and ponder the question that one sophisticated woman in a wildly colourful beanie posted on her rally placard in Washington DC over the weekend: WTF America? 

In closing, and in celebration of the way women never do things by halves but always do them with a sense of style, I will leave you with a collection of stunning portraits of just a few of the women in attendance at the Women’s March in Washington, captured by NY based photographer, Benedict Evans for The Cut.