Why Instagram Stories Is The Perfect Platform For Behind The Scenes Content

In an age where reality TV rules, it’s no surprise that behind the scenes (BTS) content is massively popular, taking the fans and customers of a brand on an exclusive backstage tour and showing what actually goes on in the real life of the brand. These sneak peeks are gold for gaining and retaining fans and loyal customers who, for just a brief moment, feel that they are a part of the brand's story.

If you’re considering producing BTS content (and I highly recommend that you do!) there are a few ways you can record and share your inner workings including Snapchat and, for those who are a bit more technically minded, using a video camera and editing software. However, I’m loving the newly improved Instagram Stories which now allows you to share your BTS live (similar to Facebook Live) or at a time of your choosing, without affecting your beautifully curated Instagram feed i.e. 9 tiles of awesomeness, cohesiveness and colour theme consistency!

Another new feature in Instagram Stories is “mentions” where you can add tags and direct your audience either back to your regular feed or onto other users such as people you collaborate with, your valued suppliers, or even just cool places you visit!

Today I will be sharing some Instagram Stories about my client Ashley from The Aurum Collective as we go BTS at her first ever campaign shoot! I'll be posting direct to Instagram Stories throughout the day - so make sure you follow me at @thefashionfuturist.