LUSTR - A new way to drive direct-to-consumer sales


I'm always excited when I hear about other's who like myself are truly passionate about supporting emerging Australian designers and looking for new ways to help your businesses grow. Once such person is Angela Liang, co-founder and CEO of a fabulous new direct-to-consumer platform called Lustr.

There are a few things that really resonate with me about Lustr, 1. Their simple mission "Help independent labels grow", and 2. the fact that they’re pushing the boundaries when it comes to technology, leveraging its power to harness the power of shoppers.

The platform they have created is super intelligent and matches shoppers with emerging brands based on their preferences. As a brand, you have the ability to receive valuable sales and marketing reports right from the backend of the system, more advanced analytics about your customer than your Shopify or Squarespace site provides. Lustr collects such rich data about your matched shoppers. What are their ages, styles, values, body shapes, the other designers they're loving, so you can forget about stalking them on Facebook, see it all in our easy their visual data analytics dashboard

The team at Lustr repeatedly saw first-hand how hard it was for independent designers to succeed in business. The constant struggle to compete with the big PR & marketing budgets of fast fashion companies and giant e-tailers. Cashflow is forever an issue and you don’t always receive detailed feedback on why certain pieces sell well and why some do not. Independent labels like you have unique stories and thoughtfully created products - if only you could be found by more of your target customers, and understand what they think about you.

On the flipside, they’re determined to show shoppers that independent fashion is an everyday choice. If they're going to spend money on clothes, they can spend it wisely to support local, recognise quality, and directly impact the life of the person behind the label. We're empowering shoppers to be anti-fast fashion without having to be activists.

And lastly another element I really love is that Lustr offers you another avenue to pre-sale your next collection. Through the Lustr crowd-sourced financing model, shoppers are able to place pre-orders on products still in production, meaning more cash flow for you upfront, and de-risking the production cycle. Of course, you can also sell your current season items on Lustr too.

I believe Lustr would compliment any existing distribution channel you may already have in place and is a great new way to help build your brand awareness, gain valuable customer insights and most importantly drive sales!

Lustr officially launches in November, but as an emerging designer if you apply to be a part of Lustr before the 17th October membership is free for the first six months. To apply simply email the team at Lustr, with the title: Label Application in the subject line.