A shared wardrobe - a simple approach to recycling fashion


Maybe it’s the sunshine and the excitement of an impending long hot summer ahead that got me thinking about the comfort of oversized garments.

On Friday I was going about my day wearing the lightest of white cotton shirts from an Australian favourite, Jac + Jack. It got me thinking about adding some more oversized pieces to my wardrobe and then I had a bit of lightbulb moment, "I might just be able to add to my wardrobe without spending a cent",  a concept I like to call the shared wardrobe. 

My husband has a thing with perfectly fitting shirts and t-shirts, however given the natural properties of fabrics such as line, growing and softening over time, there are few beautiful shirts in his side of the wardrobe that don’t even get a look in these days. So instead of having his now oversized shirts sit in his wardrobe and I’m going to give them new life and add them to mine.

Recycled and revitalised fashion at the most simplest level.