My Advice For Ivanka Trump

Thanks to her father’s fondness of using his role as President of the United State to publicise his and his family’s businesses, the whole world is now aware of poor Ivanka Trump's namesake brand being dropped by the heavyweight US department store Nordstrom, as well as several other retailers.

Initially Twitter led to believe this was an act of rebellion against her father or in response to calls to boycott anything associated with the Trump brand. But if you take a closer look at the facts, the truth behind Nordstrom's decision to discontinue the brand in its 286 stores is simply down to poor performance of Ivanka's products.

This situation perfectly illustrates that no matter who you are or how much money you have to throw into your marketing budget, the only thing that will persuade people to buy what you are selling is to give them something they actually want (or think they want). Even the power of the Whitehouse can't force people to part with their hard earned dollars for something that’s undesirable or has no perceived value.

My advice for Ivanka and her undoubtedly large marking team is to go back to the beginning and start with some serious market research to know her ideal customer inside and out and then give that customer a really great product. I mean really great. The best. Not fake.