Can you be stylish in a heat wave?

The inspiration for this post came from my barista Rob at Chippenburg Coffee who this morning, whilst adding a dash of milk to my piccolo in 35C heat, remarked “It’s impossible to be stylish in this heat. I wish I was back in the UK where we can layer up and look fabulous”. Now Rob’s a pretty stylish guy from the the UK who regularly rocks a well made black or grey marl t-shirt so I usually agree with most of his sartorial observations, but this comment made me wonder if he really had a valid point? Could it be possible to be chic while everyone around you sweats?

Well, let’s be honest, we're not the only major city that has to cope with extreme heat. Take Paris, for example, where a heat wave is guaranteed pretty much every July. Parisians, as well know, are the epitome of understated, effortless style regardless of the weather. So if they can handle the heat, surely we can, right?

So what’s the key to keeping your cool? I believe it’s all about keeping it simple. A loose slip or tank dress in a neutral colour, slides and a bold earring or statement ring to complete the look. But don’t forget it’s also about selecting breathable fabrics composed of natural fibres; think cotton, linen, silk and lightweight wool. These are the only fabrics I reach for in my wardrobe when the mercury heads north of 25C. And the good news is that the best brands to offer these scorching summer essentials can be found right here in Australia. 

Check out my favourites to beat the heat in style: 

Linen reinvented by SIR the label

Organic cotton tank dresses by Bassike

Silk slip dresses by Natalija

Sophistication in super light weight wool by The Aurum Collective  

Leather slides by St. Agni in Byron Bay