Innovative Collaboration : Annie Leibovitz And Liu Bolin For Moncler Spring 2017

Your Thursday morning creative inspiration comes courtesy of this innovative collaboration between artists Liu Bolin and Annie Leibovitz for the Moncler Spring/Summer 2017 campaign.

Following the fairy-tale atmosphere and literary vision of the previous Moncler campaigns, the Spring/Summer 2017 imagery plays out along a surreal imaginary thread. The images are transformed into a chameleon-like camouflage which eliminates any certainty of reality. The protagonist is Chinese artist Liu Bolin, master of the impossible and the invisible, renowned for his allusive art in which only the silhouette of his body is visible against backdrops.

Moncler’s Doudoune Legère snowsuit was created in celebration of the artist and can be viewed in each shot within the new campaign- each snowsuit decorated by Liu Bolin to achieve an illusory effect in perfect continuity with the forest scene, or the inside of the bookshop, which set the respective backdrops for the shots.