Winter Is Coming And So Is Amazon!


There has been so much chatter and fear mongering about Amazon’s impending arrival Down Under and its potential to "destroy Australian retail” that anyone would think we’re in a scene from the movie Independence Day when the big, scary UFOs arrive on our doorstep. But is it really all doom and gloom?

It’s a fact that competition is healthy for any industry as it leads to innovation and a focus on making the customer experience even stronger - just look at what Uber and Tesla have done! And whilst it can sometimes be a struggle when a new fish enters your pond, let’s face it - in the world e-commerce would we expect online retailers to throw their hands in the air every time a new website pops up crying “That’s it, I quit! I can’t face another retailer entering the e-commerce market!”? 

The reality is that Amazon’s arrival will actually lead to lots of great opportunities for online retailers so if you’re currently having palpitations, here are my some of my key tips to surviving the arrival of Amazon:

  • Leverage the unique experience you offer online. What do you differently to every other fashion brand out there when it comes to the experience you provide your customers? Maybe your marketing has a quirky tone of voice or a distinct look. Whatever that unique selling point is, Amazon can't replicate it. They have so many brands and products that they’re trying to sell to billions of people across the globe that they can’t focus on any particular target audience with laser-like precision like you can.
  • Exclusive, personalised and customisable - these are the buzz words that fashion consumers are searching for when it comes to experience and products. Amazon can deliver on speed but it can’t give the same level of personalised service as a smaller online retailer can, nor can it produce smaller production runs of customised products. So why not take advantage of this - can you raise your customer service game or add a customisable product to your next collection?
  • Rather than running in the opposite direction to Amazon why not take advantage of their global audience and sell your products through their Marketplace. It could be a great step in exposing your brand to international markets and open up a completely new sales channel. Many savvy small businesses have become multi-millionaires by getting in quick with what are often quite basic products.
  • Bring your platform up to speed! On the whole Australia is so behind when it comes to website functionality, UX and design but there are now many user friendly e-commerce platforms available including Squarespace and Shopify which both offer readymade commerce templates and cost effective pricing plans. Gone are the days of having to spend a fortune setting up your online store, but it’s still vital to make a great first impression and for your navigation to enable an easy path to purchase.

If any of these tips has triggered a lightbulb moment but you need help bringing your vision to life I’d love to help so drop me a line and let’s chat!