Céline Jumps Feet First Into Instagram



Céline, jumping feet first into Instagram, finally!

Just days before the brand's Autumn 2017 show in Paris, the minimalist french fashion house has decided to join the social media party. So why now? Many fashion news sources have quoted that it could be attributed to their newly appointed CEO, Séverine Merle, who, according to WWD, plans to increase the brand's basically nonexistent digital presence. And as every good fashion brand knows (big or small) you need to build up a presence on social media before launching your online store, which is rumored to be on the cards for Céline later this year.

Whilst the account remains under the microscope and there are so many questions surrounding their decision to join social media, I did wonder why they chose to kick off their feed with visuals of their Spring 2017 shoe collection. Sources say that their footwear and fine jewellery categories were in need of a boost and from a consumer perspective these products are somewhat more accessible than their ready-to-wear apparel collections.

Looking forward to seeing how this account plays out, what do you think of their tactical approach to social media?