Trends : Return Of The Mac

The mackintosh is back and I am not referring to the computer created by Apple. Mackintosh with a “K” is the traditional name for a waterproof raincoat, first sold in 1824, made out of rubberised fabric - yep, bet you didn’t know that? You can thank me later when you win at your next trivia night with that answer!

But in all fashion seriousness, this wet-weather protective coat has made a come-back and modern-day interpretations of the mac graced the AW17 runways all season long. There were asymmetric necklines and button details - mimicking the trend we have seen in shirting of late. And when it came to fabrication and colour there was no holding back - patent and lacquered leathers, metallics and brights, even a map on a Mac at Celine displayed just how diverse this classic raincoat has become.

The mac game is strong and the following AW17 hero’s really shone.