Purpose Over Profit - The Mama Maya Story

Today’s dose of inspiration comes to you courtesy of a brand story that is very close to my heart. Mama Maya is a purpose over profit business that I have been lucky enough to play a small part in its big journey. And today we are celebrating Mama Maya’s first birthday! 

Robyn Jones, the founder of Mama Maya is a great friend of mine who came to me a few years back not wanting to start a lifestyle brand in the true essence - designs products, sell them and make a profit but with a strong will to give back and do some good in this world. To be honest it was one of the most inspiring concepts I had heard of in a long time and of course, I wanted to offer my support to get this idea off the ground. 

Robyn’s passion for helping others stemmed from her own personal experience whilst giving birth to her eldest son. Whilst in the throws of labour, the umbilical cord wrapped around her son’s neck and whilst Robyn was concerned for her child, her caregivers reassured her that it is a very common occurrence and would not cause any harm to her baby. Nevertheless, Robyn was grateful for the world-class medical providers and trained specialists surrounding her and ensuring the health of her now 5-year-old son. Shortly after Robyn’s birth experience, she heard about the work of the Birthing Kit Foundation Australia (BKFA). BKFA provides training programs and clean birthing kits to women in remote areas around the world to help reduce the incidence of infant and maternal morbidity and mortality. 

So the idea for Mama Maya was born out of the need to support the right that every woman should have to a clean and safe birth. And with that purpose at the forefront of her business, she took something that every parent of babies owns multiples of — a simple muslin wrap and built a one-for-one model around it, with a focus on stylish, timeless design, sustainability, and philanthropy. Through a partnership with BKFA the sale of each and every Mama Maya wrap funds one clean birthing kit and caregiver training to ensure at least one woman will have access to a cleaner and safer birth. 

Mama Maya makes the most beautiful organic muslin wraps you will ever find and they make for the most perfect and purpose filled gift - I have honestly lost count of how many I have given to the mamma’s to be in my life. 

My favourite ink spot wrap , image by Ms Amy Farrell

My favourite ink spot wrap, image by Ms Amy Farrell

With a birthday coinciding with International Women's Day, Mama Maya is donating $12 from EVERY Mama Maya Muslin Wrap purchased to their partners at Birthing Kit Foundation (Australia) until midnight AEDT tonight (Wednesday 8th March). That's 4 safe birthing kits per Muslin Wrap - 4 mamas who will be able to give birth safely.  

So today if you are going to make just one purchase, make it one with a purpose and support another woman by giving her access to a clean and safe birth.

Happy Birthday Mama Maya and thank you for all that you do!