Inspiration : Slow Growth with Yvon Chouinard of Patagonia


I had to share these 27-minutes of amazingness with you as a dose of Wednesday inspiration, courtesy of the podcast How I built This, with Guy Raz. This particular episode is an interview with the founder of Patagonia, Yvon Chouinard.

Read on for some of my favourite excerpts from the episode with Yvon and you can tune into the full podcast over here 

During the early days of product development at Patagonia, Yvon once heard somebody say, "If you wait for the customer to tell you what to do you’re too late”, a pivotal statement that shaped their approach to design.

Yvon’s thoughts on growth:
You can grow too fast. A faster a business grows the faster it dies. "There are two kinds of growth; one where you grow stronger and one where you grow fat and you got to watch out for that!

His philosophy on changing the way they do business at Patagonia:
We’re trying to teach people that you don’t throw things away you fix them you repair. We’re committed to owning the product forever and we are trying to teach people that you don’t throw things away, you can fix them.

Yvon’s approach to running a business:
I studied loads of different business/management styles from all across the world and just thought at the end of it all there has to be a way of doing business differently. 

And his favourite quote:
“If you want to understand an entrepreneur study the juvenile delinquent because they're saying this sucks I want to do it my own way". 

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