When sustainable and ethical fashion business practices become the norm

When sustainable and ethical fashion businesses practices become the norm -  image via Reformation

When sustainable and ethical fashion businesses practices become the norm - image via Reformation

Fashion Revolution week is happening across the globe as we speak, so rather than rambling on about the latest design-led fashion trends I thought was only fitting to highlight trends and innovative concepts that are emerging in an effort to build more sustainable and ethical fashion supply chains. I hope that in the not too distant future these emerging trends become the norm for fashion business both big and small.

A local fashion label, passionate about doing business differently and providing you with the best fitting t-shirt of your life. Have partnered with a local jewellery designer that re-purposes their cotton jersey off-cuts into pieces of jewellery, in an effort to reduce their footprint and recycle their fabric waste. 

As part of their broader sustainability goal of creating an infrastructure that supports a circular economy by 2020 expanded their clothing recycling program. Consumers can drop off their no-longer-wanted clothing or shoes (from any brand!) in the collection boxes at their local Levi’s store. Levi’s clothing collection partner I:CO, then ensure that the discarded garments and footwear are re-worn, repurposed or recycled.

With a similar philosophy to Levis Strauss & co, Melbourne born A.BCH WORLD are educating us on how to care for stuff we already own with their CARE-REPAIR-WEAR initiative. Providing us with some easy to implement tips on caring for our clothes and in turn extending their life and the longevity of our entire wardrobe. Head over here to find out more about what this clever crew has planned for Fashion Revolution Week.

They know exactly #whomakestheirclothes. Having built their own sustainable factory in Los Angeles, employing talented makers from around the world. Reformation makes it their duty to tell you who the people are behind your clothes. They also believe that companies should be accountable for more than just their profits and just this month sent our their first Sustainability Report out to their entire customer base. Whilst they have been transparent from day one in business, this report details every step they have taken and will endeavor to take towards their mission to help create a more sustainable future. There is so much goodness coming out of this business, and I would go as far as to say that if you want to start changing the world, start by having a look at what REFORMATION are doing. #jointhereformation

In the spirit of coming together to promote change, I would love for you to share what you are doing within your business towards becoming more sustainable and ethical. Every little bit counts!