Inspiration : Rag & Bone, Breaking All The Rules!

In an interview with Fast Company, the CEO of Rag & Bone Marcus Wainwright shared the epiphany he had after the presidential election - “It just confirmed to me that there are no rules,” Why not break the mold? Why not try something original and see what happens? You can’t just accept the status quo because someone else has told you that’s how it should work.”

The short-film above titled, HAIR was directed by and stars actor John Turturro along with his buddy, Bobby Cannavale. Both actors are wearing Rag & Bone in the five-minute film, however, there’s not a mention of the brand or much talk of clothing at all. Rather an attempt to do things differently and break those so-called fashion "rules".

Wainwright concludes in reaction to the film, “Is it putting the clothes first and foremost? No, but that’s the entire point. It’s about personal expression and how you can use Rag & Bone to create your own aesthetic. Our overall marketing strategy has always been to try and do the opposite of what everyone else is doing and to challenge the status quo of this assumed set of rules that the fashion world operates in. It’s an imaginary set of rules that everyone abides by, and for many years it definitely worked. But it’s been very obvious that that old way of communicating is not really relevant these days.”

Whilst we don't all possess a big marketing budget (or A-list film star friends) like Rag & Bone, however, I do hope this unique take on marketing a brand sparks some inspiration to do things differently with your next collection.