Number 100.


You may be wondering what this post is all about? (I know I have more than 100 followers on Instagram). Well, today I am celebrating somewhat of a personal milestone. Back in January my mentor (supportive husband and business partner - thanks Milton Gan for always pushing me to do good work), set me the challenge to write and publish a blog post every week day for the duration of 2017.

In all honesty I didn’t think I would be able to do it whilst trying to live, manage and work in three businesses (plus a few passion projects on the side) and of course sleep somewhere in between. But I am super proud to announce that today marks blog post number 100!

I am so thankful that blogging has given me a platform to share even more of my knowledge of the fashion industry to help other’s become successful in their own fashion businesses. More importantly, it has connected me with so many awesome people in the process. So thank you to those that have been following along on the blog, trust me there is a lot more goodness to come. Best get on with the remaining 160 posts that I have left for the year, wish me luck!