The Return To Age Old Techniques

Lately, i’ve been inspired by the resurgence of age-old techniques emerging in the fashion industry. Shannyn Lorkin of Revel Knitwear developed her beautiful made-to-order collection of knits by drawing on the lessons she was given by her nan growing up and has refined her knitting skills over the last 12 years. Others like LA based brand, Crescioni went into partnership with artist Norma Lilia Cruz Santiago and local artisans in Oaxaca, Mexico to highlight the traditional technique of hand weaving leather and fabric over brass forms to create a unique collection of jewellery. 

Whilst it is rare in the era of technology and automation to even see a glimpse of these artisanal skills being used. If the fashion world wants to do things differently maybe they should draw on these age-old techniques that used to be the key to creating something truly unique.