Is Deliveroo the answer to speedy online fashion deliveries?


Good old Amazon is keeping everyone in the retail industry on their toes and after a big conversation about their pending arrival last week at the Online Fashion Success seminar, it was agreed that there is certainly one area of business that may be tough for us Aussies to compete on - logistics and more to the point the speed of delivery. When Amazon does eventually hit our shores customers will naturally come to expect speedy deliveries for all of their online purchases. Fashion retail powerhouses like The Iconic already nail a next day delivery service, but with Amazon entering the market hopefully, they will help generate some healthy competition in the shipping space and also prompt businesses to start thinking outside the square when it comes to logistics.

Elizabeth Abegg of Spell and the Gypsy Collective was in the audience during this panel discussion and mentioned how she loved the ability to track her Deliveroo order as it made its way to her hotel in Sydney and she was totally impressed with how quickly it arrived in hands. The retail panel commented that we really need to assess whether traditional logistics are the only options for retailers to remain competitive. Is there an opportunity for smaller online businesses to take advantage of the “empty” baskets of Deliveroo riders on their return journey to drop off deliveries in their local areas. An idea that would surely resonate with the customer who already uses services like Uber, Deliveroo, Foodora in their day-day lives, so why take it one step further and collaborate with these trusted services to deliver our online shopping purchases too!