Selling To Retail - Love It Or Hate It?

the fashion futurist selling to retail

If you’re in the majority of fashion businesses then the answer is a resounding “hate it”! You love the other parts of your business like designing and curating collections and being rewarded for your efforts, and you know the importance of selling but it just feels awkward, scary or intimidating. Plus how are you going to source the details of all the buyers you need to contact and where are you going to find the time to have all those sales meetings with them?

Selling to retail is definitely one of the biggest challenges you'll face once you decide to pursue wholesale as a distribution channel, and from my experience working with many emerging brands one of the statements I hear the most is “Oh my gosh, who is going to sell my products for me? I hate selling!” 

If you’ve found yourself saying that or something similar, here’s a solution: why not let me do the hard yards for you?!

Throughout my 17+ year career in the fashion industry, the majority of my roles have been in sales management and I have sold everything from capsule collections of jewellery for Samantha Wills to huge 200+ style apparel ranges for Metalicus, and I’ve been highly successful at it. So needless to say, I love selling!

And as I’m always looking for ways to deliver extra value to my clients I’m thrilled to announce the addition of sales representation to my portfolio of services!

So if you’re stuck when it comes to selling, let me help you kickstart your wholesale stockist list, manage the partnerships with retailers for you, present your beautiful collections each season, and turn your dream wholesale business into reality. 

To find out more about sales representation and my boutique fashion and lifestyle wholesale sales studio, just drop me a line at