We Wear Culture - Google Brings Together 3,000 Years Of Fashion Online

As I sat on the bus this morning on the way into the city, I started the good old social media scroll and through one click on an article written by The Business Of Fashion, I found myself being sucked into an amazing fashionable vortex that is Google Arts & Culture

We Wear Culture is the latest initiative for the Goggle Arts & Culture platform that to quote the article by The Business Of Fashion - 

"We Wear Culture encouraged by the volume of fashion-related online search queries and the rising popularity of fashion exhibitions, Google’s Cultural Institute has partnered with over 180 cultural institutions — including The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute, the Victoria & Albert Museum and the Kyoto Costume Institute — “to bring 3,000 years of fashion to the Google Arts & Culture platform.

The initiative, which launches today (8th June 2017), is based on the premise that fashion is culture, not just clothes. Led by Kate Lauterbach — a Google program manager who began her career at Condé Nast in New York and later worked for J.Crew’s Madewell — it aims to digitise and display thousands of garments from around the world, stage curated online exhibitions, invite non-profit partners like museums and schools to script and share their own fashion stories, and leverage technologies like Google Street View to offer immersive experiences like virtual walkthroughs of museum collections”.

If you're yet to fall down the rabbit hole of Google’s Arts & Culture and feel like you need a dose of inspiration from fashion era’s past start by exploring We Wear Culture. Maybe sit back and take in one of the 360-degree video's, like this one above from the Musée des Arts décoratifs about the evolution of the "black dress”.