Have You Committed To Change?

have you committed to change

The Global Fashion Agenda is calling on fashion brands and retailers to take action on circularity. Taking advantage of the influential role you as fashion brands and retailers play in the value chain you can take leadership in accelerating the fashion industry´s transition to a more circular system by increasing the volume of textiles collected, reused, and recycled by 2020.

As a signatory, you are committing to define a strategy, set targets for 2020 and report on the progress of implementing the commitment towards a circular fashion system.

Easy right? Well, it should be with the support of the Global Fashion Agenda behind you. They will be working towards creating a “toolbox" with expert advice and case studies from key fashion brands, charities, collectors, recyclers, researchers, and policymakers to support you in implementing your commitment. 

The toolbox is created in partnership with I:CO, a global solutions provider for the collection, re-use, and recycling of used clothing and shoes. It will include an overview of how to collect, reuse, recycle and design for cyclability based on where we stand today. It will also include a more deep-dive guide on the why what and how of garment collection and recommend ways to execute and implement to achieve the highest impact possible. 

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to the Copenhagen Fashion Summit and pledge your commitment to change before 30th June 2017.