Get ahead of the pack - 4 tips for Fashion Retail Success from Paul Zahra

Get Ahead Of The Pack - 4 Tips For Fashion Retail Success From Paul Zahra, image via Pinterest

Get Ahead Of The Pack - 4 Tips For Fashion Retail Success From Paul Zahra, image via Pinterest

Yesterday I attended the 3rd annual Online Fashion Success seminar here in Sydney. It was a day jam-packed with useful insights from loads of great Australian fashion business owners leading the way in the online retail space. As promised I will be sharing some of the key takeaways from the day that I feel any fashion business big, small or in between could benefit from. The first of which comes courtesy of a panel discussion led by industry insider Paul Zahra. Most well known for his time at the helm department store, David Jones. Paul is now global Retail Advisor at PwC and builds strategies to guide his retail clients towards growth and longevity in the cut-throat fashion world that we’re all trying to get ahead in.

During the discussion, Paul threw to the audience for questions and was asked one back himself,  “Paul, In your opinion what 4 things should a fashion retailer focus on to be successful?” To which he responded with these top tips to get ahead of the pack,

  1. Invest in your digital platform, make the customer journey seamless.
  2. Have a unique value proposition and tell everyone about it.
  3. Think globally, a business purely dependent on sales from Australia can only go so far.
  4. You have to be omnichannel, but this doesn’t mean rolling out multiple bricks and mortar stores, just have one flagship and do it well. Consumers like to see the face behind the website, it’s imperative to have "A" physical location.

In closing, Paul mentioned that like anything really it pays to have a strategy and stick to it, which I believe to be very true! So with those wise words in toe what are you going to do first to encourage growth and bring about success in your fashion business?