Inspiration : Want to sell with purpose?

Want to sell with a purpose and change lives in the process? Meet i = change. I had the pleasure of listening to the extremely passionate founder & director, Jeremy Meltzer of i = change, speak at the Online Fashion Success seminar this week and to say I was moved by his presentation would be an understatement. Probably best to let Jeremy do the talking, the video above will tell you all about how i = change works, but essentially the concept behind the business is remarkably simple, they provide marketing with a cause and their vision is "To make giving back one of the most powerful commitments business can make - and to accelerate the impact of extraordinary development projects."

As an i = change retail partner, customers who shop at your online store have the opportunity to give to an NGO project supporting women and girls around the world right there at the checkout. i = change then forwards 100% of the donations to the chosen development projects. i=Change does not deduct any fees from donations, nor charge their NGO partners any fees to be a funding recipient. And to date (as of five minutes ago, you can track the impact of giving in real time through the i = change website) i = change has raised $348,706!

You really couldn’t make it any easier for your customers to make a feel-good purchase, so if you’re thinking about how you can give back as a business and do some good beyond profit then i = change could be the right place to start.