WHAT DO YOU WANT TO KNOW - now live on YouTube!

Last month I took to Facebook Live in my first ever cameo appearance to help answer all of your burning fashion business questions. During the "live” session called WHAT DO YOU WANT TO KNOW, I answered three of the most commonly asked questions. Covering what the industry standard wholesale and retail margins are, my opinions on the value of PR (public relations) and what retail buying terms such as OTB (open to buy) are exactly.

If you did miss the "live"session you can watch it right here in this post or view it at your leisure over on Youtube! I am planning to turn these sessions into a series and hope to get in front of the camera again real soon. So be sure to send me an email or comment below with any questions you would like answered during future sessions of WHAT DO YOU WANT TO KNOW and they can be about any aspect of building and managing a successful fashion business. 

See you soon over on Facebook Live!