What did YOU do first?


Originally published August 2017

If you’ve already established your own business and started to build your brand the question - "what do I do first?" might seem like an all too distant memory. I’m sure if you took a moment to look back to those early days of sleepless nights when the idea first came to you to start a business, you'll find that the question that plagued you most was, "where do I to start?" 

I get asked this question a lot, and it is actually great one! When starting any business there are always going to be so many things on that never ending checklist. As a mentor and consultant, I’m experienced in knowing just what those important first steps are and I'm here to help tick the boxes on your to-do list. 

In addition to sharing my experiences with you from the different businesses, I have been a part of in my career I thought it might also be useful for you to hear first-hand from fashion business owners themselves on what they did first.

So here’s a look at what Nikki Williams did first on her checklist in order to start building her self-titled leather handbag and accessory brand.

Nikki Williams (2) 1200x900 (1 of 23).jpg

I got some cardboard and some leather and made a handbag! Unless you get an understanding of just how you can make something and what goes into making it you don’t really have a business at all. So, I made a handbag and then I thought about what designs I might like and what would sell from that. The next and most important step that I took, once I had the confidence to know that it was something that I could do and had validated my own creativity was to start working on my logo, branding, and how I needed to market my products. I spent a lot of time developing my logo, based on my ideal customer but also based on what I liked. I did a lot of research into what makes a good logo and what makes a product sell and stand out and I guess my rule there is to keep it simple, don’t overthink things, make sure it looks good in different colours, different formats and most importantly looks good on your products.

This little insight is an excerpt from my feature interview with Nikki. Learn more about Nikki and her business by taking in the full interview over here