Help a retailer out!

NATALIJA Home collection on show at our studio

NATALIJA Home collection on show at our studio

Have you fallen in love with an Australian brand and just can’t understand why you can’t shop their latest collection at your favourite online store or local go-to fashion retailer?

Well, just like your own decision to buy something as a consumer, social proof has a lot to do with making that investment, retailers also need to see the same validation to buy into a brand. 

So here’s where you can help, the next time you're perusing the racks at your local fashion boutique why not have a chat with the sales assistant or better still if the owner is there grab their attention and tell them all about your favourite Australian brand. The more they hear about a brand the easier it is for them to put their money behind it and add it to their offering in store. 

Wouldn’t you feel great the next time you waltzed into that same store and there it was the latest collection from your favourite designer hanging on the rack? I guarantee that purchase would feel all the more sweeter knowing you played a small part in making it happen.

The retailer will thank you because you're likely to shop with them more frequently and the designer would also thank you because more people now have the opportunity to also discover their talent.

You may not realise but by having that one quick conversation about something you love you have helped support the future of the fashion industry here in Australia in the process.

This week I challenge you to chat to a retailer and let me know how it goes in the comments below.