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GREEN IS THE NEW BLACK - RE dye your jeans FREE this Black "Fridye" with Citizen Wolf

Green really is the new black this Black Friday November 23 thanks to Citizen Wolf who will re dye your favourite pair of jeans free (yes, you read that correctly). On the biggest shopping day of the year the Sydney-based ethical brand wants you to refrain from buying stuff just because it’s on discount and instead refresh your unloved jeans and keep them in rotation. 

Why? Because the longer we wear the clothes we already own the better it is for the planet. WRAP UK estimates* that we can reduce the original carbon, water and waste footprint of our clothes by 20-30% for every 9 months we keep wearing them. And according to Citizen Wolf’s own research, 1 in 5 people replace their black jeans simply because the colour has faded, which is criminal considering Australians on average already landfill 23 kg of textiles per year.

“It takes around 7,547 litres of water to grow and process the cotton to make a pair of jeans, but it only takes 5 litres to re dye your favourite pair black again and make them good as new” says Citizen Wolf Co-Founder, Zoltan Csaki. 

Citizen Wolf is built on the twin ideas of durability meets timeless style, and aims to reboot our relationship with clothes away from disposability. Citizen Wolf allows their customers to create made-to-measure T-shirts they love and wear for years, and we all know nothing pairs better with a Tee than your favourite pair of jeans. 

The first 250 people to checkout via the Citizen Wolf Black Fridye page on November 23 will get free redyeing valued at $29 not including postage. Citizen Wolf will send a reply-paid envelope to ship your jeans and within a few weeks you’ll get ‘em back perfectly black, yet oh-so-very green. 

A shop should be like a song of which you never tire
  Bassike  Glenmore Road, Paddington store in Sydney

Bassike Glenmore Road, Paddington store in Sydney

“A shop should be like a song of which you never tire” -  Harry Gordon Selfridge.
Yesterday I took that time to sit down in front of Netflix to take in a documentary that has been on my list for ages - Secrets of Selfridges. A very interesting story of one of the worlds greatest retail pioneers, Harry Gordon Selfridge. Many of his game changing strategies around the customer experience have become common place today. The documentary was peppered with loads of inspirational quotes from the man himself, the one above really resonated with me, describing the feeling you get from that great retail experience, the one that keeps you coming back time after time.
Whilst the image I've chosen above is clearly not of Selfridges itself, it is of a shop which is like a song I never tire of, Bassike's Glenmore Road store in Sydney's Paddington.



Rosie Dalton from Well Made Clothes recently interviewed The Fashion Futurist family member NATALIJA as she launched her luxurious range of silk staples over on their store this month.

Natalija opened up about why she chooses to work with peace silk and how by keeping her production close to home she is able to do her small part in promoting a fair fashion production cycle. 

You can read the full interview with Natalija over here Natalija Designer Interview, by Well Made Clothes

The "How-To" series with Natalija

To coincide with the launch of her own fine fabric care product NATALIJA shows us how to care for our silk garments. 

One of the strongest beliefs behind NATALIJA as a brand is quality and longevity in our designs and a key element of this is educating our customer about garment care. We believe a sustainable outlook starts with emphasising care in production but is not complete without a long-term outlook for the clothing. This why we believe so strongly in treating each item in our wardrobe with love and demonstrating how uncomplicated garment care can be.

Silk in itself comes with the stigma of being a high maintenance product, it is widely known that it is not a material that can simply be thrown in with your regular machine cycle. However, hand-washing is a routine that is much easier to adopt than you might think, and furthermore it is far more environmentally friendly option than dry cleaning which utilises strong chemicals and significant amounts of energy.

This belief lead us to the creation of our Silk Wash, a delicate, naturally derived wash that is gentle enough to maintain your beautiful NATALIJA garments. With the light fragrance of fresh lotus flower paired with green tea plant extract, the wash combines gentle ingredients that will delicately wash and condition not only silk wear but wools, fine cottons and cashmere. The wash will be available in a standard laundry appropriate size as well as a compact travel accompaniment, all of course in fully biodegradable packaging.

With this product we hope to educate the NATALIJA woman about the simplicity of hand-washing and it’s significance in ensuring that your beloved garments last for years to come. To partner with the launch we have created a How-To video series on basic garment care principles beginning of course with Silk Care, a simple step-by-step guide on hand-washing technique featuring the NATALIJA Silk Wash.